personal organisersHow many times have you promised to remember critical information like birthdays, appointments, deadlines and children’s activities – only to completely draw a blank, forget the appointment and feel guilty or stressed about it for hours after it had finished? Well, if it hasn’t yet happened to you, it will soon.

That’s because our brains need somewhere to dump the information; a way of organising the important stuff and forgetting the stuff that doesn’t matter. When we try to remember everything mentally, we’re putting a constant pressure on ourselves that can set us (or others) up for disappointment – which adds negativity and stress to our already complicated lives.

Having a personal organiser can help alleviate some of the mental stress, while continuing to organise key details. Follow these __ steps to ensure you’re using your personal organiser properly.

• Only Use One Calendar or Personal Organiser

One of the biggest issues in staying organised is having your information spread over three or four systems. When you’re trying to stay on target, running around to locate that piece of paper, direction list or ticket, can be frustrating and distracting. Keep all information, appointment times, location and reason for the appointment with the organiser – so you don’t have to go looking through mountains of paper to find it.

• Write Down Important Information When You Receive It

Use the organiser to write down any appointments or functions when you hear about it – not when you arrive home. It’s important to track any information when it is received, as paper, cards and voicemails become lost or deleted. If you’ve also booked a conflicting appointment, you can also change it instantly, instead of trying to reschedule later on.

• Always Include a Notepad With Your Personal Organiser

If you need to remember important information regarding an appointment or conversation, having a piece of paper handy is ideal. This way, you can dump all the information onto a sheet and reorganize it when you get home.

• Keep it Compact and Travel-Size

Make sure that the product you’ve chosen isn’t large and bulky to ensure it travels with you. Many times people believe they need a larger, more comprehensive product which is often too heavy or awkward to carry around with them. Having a product that you can stick into a bag or purse will ensure it goes with you to work or appointment – which is ideal for anyone needing to reference it throughout the day.

• Make Sure You Actually Reference It

A personal organiser is only helpful if you write important details into it, and reference it throughout the day. While many people frequently remember to write in the organiser, a few individuals forget to check their schedules before heading out. As a gentle reminder to reference it, keep it located near your coffee machine, kettle or in a high-traffic area. Have the current date or month open so you’re likely to glance down at it as you’re getting started on your day.